Digital Editing & Content Creator

Ayanna is a creative producer and Adobe Premiere editor, also known in the entertainment industry as a “Preditor.” In Ayanna’s day-to-day, she is responsible for producing, researching, writing and editing videos for YoutTube and Social Media Platforms. Creating both, short-form and long-form content on a daily basis. Often with celebs and collaborations with social media teams and Senior Producers on video topics and execution.

Ayanna is also a copywriter, providing the copy for ads, web, social and digital marketing.

Here’s a look at some of Ayanna’s recent projects.

Shooting & Editing for Social Media

Shot and edited by Ayanna Henderson.

Shot and edited by Ayanna Henderson.

Editing Clips for YoutTube

Select clips edited by Ayanna Henderson.

Editing TV Promos

TV Promos: Student projects edited for demo reel while enrolled in Digital Editing for Adobe Premiere and Avid.

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