Instagram’s Live Rooms

It’s finally here Instagram’s Live Rooms! Here’s how it works.

To start a Live Room— swipe left and pick the Live camera option. Then, add a title and tap the Rooms icon to add your guests. You’ll see people who have requested to go live with you, and you can also search for a guest to add. When you start a Live Room, you’ll remain at the top of the screen when you add guests. As a broadcaster, you can add up to three guests at once or one by one (for example, you could start with two guests, and add a surprise guest as the third participant later! 🥳) Going live with multiple guests is a great way to increase your reach, as guests’ followers can also be notified.

“Being able to have open, face-to-face conversations on Instagram Live has helped us capture attention and connect directly with our millions of Roommates. We’re excited to use Live Rooms to expand our reporting capabilities, engage with our followers, and to continue growing our platform.”

I love it when a brand, platform, persona’s community management team monitors the comments and responds quick! My comments was liked and pinned from Instagram’s Creator page

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