Social Media & LA Hot-Spot Murals

Social Media & LA Hot-Spot Murals
The Great Pink Paul Smith Wall

I’m sure you’ve seen a thousand Instagram and Facebook posts with this pink wall as a backdrop. The wall is actually famous, it is the exterior wall for the Paul Smith store on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, California.

If you haven’t heard of Paul Smith’s pink wall, you’re welcome. You’re now officially in “the know.”

I follow social trends and decided to google phrases like “where do social media influencers take pictures in LA” and “social media photography maps.” To my surprise, there were tons of articles and posts to get the download on all of the popular spots.

After all, it’s Los Angeles: A town with selfie-friendly murals, pop-up shops, and museums dedicated to the selfie-nation.

I asked my 84-year old mother to tag along as my iPhone photographer for the day, she agreed and we headed out to Melrose Avenue.

When we arrived there were lines of people waiting to get their best shot. Both amateurs and professional photographers with iPhones and high-end photography equipment.

Did I mention props already? Yes, these were well-planned photo shoots happening. Someone passed on the flowers I’m holding after they wrapped their shoot. Not bad for an unplanned #Sundayfunday

My 84-year-old Mother who dubs as my social media iPhone photographer and sometimes model got in on the Paul Smith pink wall phenomenon.

There was a recent CBS story:

Got 20K Followers? Then You, And ONLY You, Can Take A Photo At This Melrose Pop-Up Mural For ‘Influencers’

Yes, you read the title correct. Read the story and let me know what you think.

Tag me in your post if you somehow end up in front of the Great Pink Paul Smith wall in front of a camera! You can find me everywhere @ayannahenderson




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