Select Lectures in Social Media Marketing

•The Role & Importance of SMM
•Goals and Strategies
•Identifying Target Audiences
•Rules of Engagement for Social Media Marketing
•Social Media Platforms & Social Networking Sites
•Content Creation & Sharing Blogging, streaming video, podcasts, and webinars
•Video Marketing
•Social bookmarking and news aggregation, collaboration
•Content Marketing: Publishing Articles, White Papers, and E-books
•Mobile Marketing on Social Networks
•Social Media Monitoring
•Tools for Managing the SMM Effort

Select Lectures in Marketing & Advertising

The World of Advertising and Integrated Brand Promotion
• The Structure of the Advertising and Promotion Industry: Advertisers, Agencies, Media and Support Organizations
•Market Segmentation, Positioning, and Value Proposition
•Creative Message Strategy, Executing the Creative, Media Planning Essentials
•Media Planning: Newspapers, Magazines, TV & Radio
•Event Sponsorship, Product Placements, and Branded Entertainment
•Public Relations, Influencer Marketing and Corporate Advertising

Select Lectures in Business

Understanding the U.S. business system
• Business economics
• The global context of business
• Forms of business ownership
• Business ethics and responsibility
• Managing the business enterprise
• Project management
• Employee motivation and leadership
• Human resource management and labor relations
• Entrepreneurship and the small business
• Organizing the business enterprise
• Marketing processes and consumer behavior
• Product development and pricing issues
• Distributing and promoting products
• Managing logistical operations and information
• Accounting
• Securities and investments
• Financial management